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Adoption Fees

Fees updated and effective as of 9/1/2014.

Adults (10 months to 8 years old) $300
Puppies (up to 9 months old) $375
Seniors (over 8 years old) $150
All applicants must pay a $25.00 non refundable application fee.
Your $25.00 application fee is deducted from your adoption fee, should you adopt from us.

Adoption Steps



Applicants must read and agree to our Adoption Policies. Please be sure to read them thoroughly and understand them. Ask any questions you need to become comfortable. 



Please complete an online application. When your application is received and your $25 application fee is paid, you will be contacted by phone by an Adoption Counselor nearest to you. They will ask about your history with animals and your expectations of this dog. If this is your first Labrador, they will give you a good idea of what to expect.



A home visit will be scheduled. Your adoption counselor will have practical tips and suggestion about how to manage the feeding, airing and exercising of your new Labrador. This will include crate training, a requirement of adoption. LRRoF reserves the right to refuse to adopt a lab to any applicant.



  Once approved to adopt, the counselor will tell you a little about the dogs we have available. If you find one that you like your Adoption Counselor with set up a time with the Foster Parent for you to visit the dog. Unless you have driven a great distance, you will be asked to wait a day to make your decision. The foster parent has final approval on any adoption. They know the dog's needs best.



When you find the right Lab for you, you will need to purchase your food, crate and supplies. Your Labrador's homecoming should be as happy and orderly as possible. You will complete a contract transferring ownership of the Lab from us to you, and your newest family member has arrived.


  Keep in touch. We'd like to hear from you about your experience. Once settled in, be sure to submit your Success Story to us, to appear on our website. Each year, LRROF also publishes a calendar submitted from the best success stories of the year and available for purchase around the holidays. Be sure to also share your experience through word of mouth with others and visit us at community events in your area. Keep in touch on our events page for special events each year sponsored by Lab Rescue, such as Santa Photos events and Lab Picnics.

Fees and policies updated 10/1/2015. Fees and policies are subject to change without notice.

Do you have additional questions about adopting? Browse our adoption FAQs library for additional Q&As.