Our vet partners are the lifeline to Lab Rescue. Our vet partners provide our rescued Labradors with the needed care and services necessary to facilitate long and happy lives. We depend on a genuine level of service to help sustain our animals and place them with loving, safe families.

What services do we use?

40%      General Care Services
Vaccinations, Wellness Checks 
40% Spay/Neuter
10% Other Services
5% Heartworm Treatment
5% Advanced/Surgical

What do I have to provide to rescue?

In order to keep our adoption fees low and encourage continued adoptions, we ask our vet partners to provide us with sensible discounts. We work within percentage discount or fixed discounted priced models. We have an area average priced model we can provide to you to let you know the general price we've negociated at other providers in your area to give you an understanding.

What is the benefit of working with rescue?

You can be gauranteed a continue stream of business from your local Lab Rescue area/district. Most of our animals visit a vet facility before ever going to their forever homes. We'll also provide you with direct advertisement via our website (vet partner directory), referrals from applicants seeking out a new vet in their area and word of mouth through our volunteer network.

How does LRROF pay for services?

  • Pay at Service Completion - At the end of service completion, an invoice is provided to us and payment is made instantly via debit card.
  • Invoice and Pay - You may compile invoices for a specific duration (week, month) and submit them to our accounting team for immediate payment via check.

Sound great? We'd love to have you as a vet partner. Simply complete this online form and we'll be back in touch soon.

Thanks for being a caring vet!