Recurring Donations

Sponsored Dog Donations



What does my donation go towards?

a. Your donation goes towards the veterinary care  of animals accepted into the program and the operational costs of rescue. Sponsored donations go directly towards the dog being sponsored. General donations are used for all dogs in the program.

How may I pay for my donation?

a. You may pay your donation online using a debit card (with a VISA or Mastercard Logo), credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Discover) or electronic check. You may also  mail in a check to our organization. Cash donations may be made during any community action event.

Is there a minimum donation?

a. Yes, due to processing costs, online donations (credit card or electronic check) have a minimum of $10. There is no minimum for cash or check transactions.

Is there a maximum donation?

a. No, there is not.

How will the charge appear on my debit or credit card?

a. It will appear as PAYPAL*LABRESCUE.

I have a question about a charge on my bank or credit card statement.

a. Contact us to discuss your question or concern.

Will I receive a receipt of my donation?

a. Yes,  a receipt will automatically be sent to you via email. If you require a receipt to be mailed to you, please Contact Us.

Is my donation tax deductible?

a. Your donation to us is tax deductible. However, check with your accountant or tax preparer for more information on deductible contributions. Adoption and surrender fees are not tax deductible.

Recurring Donations

May I setup a recurring donation to Lab Rescue?

a. Yes, you may setup an automatic donation that will be applied on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis through our donation system. Recurring gifts are much appreciated by Lab Rescue.

How do I cancel a recurring donation?

a. Please Contact Us to cancel a recurring donation. Please allow 10-14 business days to cancel a recurring donation.

How do I change a recurring donation?

a. Recurring donations cannot be modified once setup. Please Contact Us to cancel your current recurring donation. Once cancelled, create a new recurring donation via our donation system.

Is there a minimum recurring donation?

a. Yes, due to processing costs, online donations (credit card or electronic check) have a minimum of $10.

Can recurring donations be setup through my employer?

a. Yes, many employers offer non profit contributions through programs they offer or with the United Way. Please check with your company’s human resources department for more information.

Sponsored Dog Donations

Does 100% of my sponsor dog donation go towards that particular dog?

a. Yes, it does, until all sponsorship funds have been depleted. Any money donated that is not used towards a particular dog goes into the general fund.

May I sponsor a particular service, such as a heartworm treatment, instead of a dog?

a. Absolutely. Use the Sponsor a Service option in our Donation service.

May I get progress updates on the condition and status of the dog I am sponsoring?

a. Yes, in most cases. However, due to the varying schedules of foster parents, updates may not always be available.