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You'd like to help but don't know what you can do? We have MANY volunteer positions available that will coincide with your talents and interests as well as the amount of time you can give. Some volunteer opportunities works hands-on with our Labs. There are also many opportunities available for those who cannot work with our Labs. LRRoF is always looking for volunteers to accomplish our goals. We are grateful for your participation.

We need volunteers for the following:

  • Volunteer Managers
  • Home Visits
  • Meet & Greets
  • Transportation
  •  Fundraising
  • Adoption Counselor
  • Foster / Quarantine Foster Homes

Volunteer Coordinators

LRRoF has no employees or shelter. The organization has a 8 member Board of Directors. The state is divided into 11 districts, which provide decentralized structure requiring strong local leadership in each district. Therefore, each District has a District Coordinator (DC) and Assistant District Coordinator (ADC). The DC and ADC:

  • Provide leadership/vision
  • Manage all volunteers in the district
  • Assign labs to foster homes
  • Recruit Volunteers to organize/staff monthly adoption events
  • Delegate adoption applications to Adoption Counselors
  • Implement local marketing strategies
  • Maintain inventory of Frontline/Heartguard/Microchips for District
  • Communicate with district volunteers on a regular basis
  • Arrange for labs to be evaluated/temperment tested


Additional Volunteering Opportunities


We have a need for volunteers who are available to transport Labs to foster homes, adoption days

and vet visits.

Adoption Counselor

The Volunteer interviews prospective adopting families and work to ensure a successful match.

Home Visits

Before a potential adopter obtains a Lab from LRRoF, they may be visited by a Volunteer

to assess the suitability of a Lab to the household. We request that a Lab accompany you

on the home visit.

Meet & Greets/Pet Fairs

These volunteers attend pet fairs at Petco, Petsmart and many other types of events in order

to answer questions about our organization, pass out information, and BEST of all, show

off our product. Volunteers attending these events will be invited to bring along their current

foster Lab. For a list of upcoming events click here


Fund-raising duties consist of originating and implementing activities to raise money

for the homeless Labs in LRRoF's care.