All LRROF positions are volunteer based (non paid) roles. Volunteers make a donation of their time and expertise to the organization, so that our intake monies are used for services provided for the care of the dogs in the program.

An Adoption Counselor is a volunteer who acts as a liaison between an approved family and the organization. The counselors serve an important function, as they are the representatives for the families seeking a Labrador.

An Adoption Counselor handles and processes applications submitted by prospective families and performs:

  • An initial phone evaluation with a prospective family, determining their eligibility and if the organization can meet their requirements;
  • Answers questions about the process and addresses the requirements of adopting from Lab Rescue;
  • Follows up with an in-home visit of the family at their residence, personalizing the experience;
  • Acting as an approved families point-of-contact in their desire to meet Labradors that meet their criteria;
  • Interfacing with foster parents to determine the prospective match of their family with the dogs of their liking.

All of our applications are handled through our case management system called RMS. All information about a family is stored in our RMS system and can be viewed and accessed by volunteers working with the family on finding them the perfect match.

You would be assigned applicants within a comfortable driving distance of your residence, within the city or areas you specify. All materials and documentation are provided for you, and volunteer position shadowing is available.

Apply to volunteer today - we look forward to having you as a valuable member of our volunteer force!