All LRROF positions are volunteer based (non paid) roles. Volunteers make a donation of their time and expertise to the organization, so that our intake monies are used for services provided for the care of the dogs in the program.

An Event Coordinator is a volunteer who plans and executes public events for Lab Rescue, such as Meet and Greets, Fundraisers or Community Action Events. These events are an important part of our mission, as they spread the word about rescue, raise money and promote awareness.

  • Interface with local businesses to schedule 2-4 hour events at their locations;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of those planned events and determine continued participation;
  • Report the outcome of the events to the Area Coordinator;
  • Update event calendars and send out email reminders to area volunteers to encourage their participation, as well as maintain a roster of foster dogs who may participate.

Each Event Coordinator is provided with an event kit, including table, chairs, signage, brochures, business cards and a donation jar.

Events are typically held on weekends throughout the month, as this is the general availability for most volunteers and interested families.

Apply to volunteer today - we look forward to having you as a valuable member of our volunteer force!