All LRROF positions are volunteer based (non paid) roles. Volunteers make a donation of their time and expertise to the organization, so that our intake monies are used for services provided for the care of the dogs in the program.

A Transporter is a volunteer who interfaces with Lab Rescue to use their own vehicle to transport dogs to/from vet appointments, shelters, foster homes or between areas of the state. Transporters are an important role in the distribution hub of rescue.

  • Works with area coordinators to assist in transportation locally and stateside, depending on volunteer availability;
  • May assist in arranging or being  part of transportation legs, where a long distance transport is broken up into smaller, manageable segments between multiple volunteer transporters.

Due to the size of a Labrador, it is recommended a transporter have a medium to large size vehicle, or sport utility vehicle, that can comfortable accommodate a Labrador Retriever.

Apply to volunteer today - we look forward to having you as a valuable member of our volunteer force!